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    To start off with, i want to say sorry for not searching. I'm using my pdanet connection and the connections are intermittent and sometimes slow.

    My issue I need help with is I successfully have been using pdanet for about 2 weeks. Yesterday, I started using the pdanet connection with my laptop for several hours of connect time. Previously, it was only 5 min here or there. For some reason, I cannot reconnect with my Goodlink connection anymore. When I shut down the connection with PDAnet, and try to access my contacts/email through goodlink, my screen goes white and freezes. I have to soft reset it each time.

    All of my other 700p apps work just fine. The blazer browser, google maps, snapper mail, etc. I just can't get goodlink to work.

    Anyone have this issue or know how I can fix it? I'm on the road for 6 days and would like to fix it asap, rather than wait until I get back home.

    Thanks for any help you can offer me.
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    bump. anyone?

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