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    I purchased this headset for it's noise blocking feature which works pretty well.

    However I now have the blue tooth disconnects that everyone has been complaining about. Roughly 30 seconds after I end a call the Treo disconnects from the headset. If a call comes in, it does not reconnect and I miss the call unless I notice the Treo ringing.

    I never had this problem with the Jabra BT500, it never disconnected. I will most likely return the 510 and try again if/when the 700P update comes.

    BTW: The Treo 700P is not a supported device for the 510 on the Plantronics website.
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    Maybe your pectoral muscles are interfering with your bluetooth reception?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    i have the same one and the disconnects are a pain. i am also hoping that the update fixes that. good headset on other phones, so headset is not the problem.
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    Same here with the disconnects and my 510, but a single click typically fixes it. It is by far the clearest BT headset I've used, so I hope as well the update fixes the disconnects.
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    True, you only have to hit the button to reconnect, but it also doesn't reconnect when you come back in range of the phone. I will rarely remember to hit the button after that and that will probably cause me to miss several calls.

    I need a windsock for my BT500.
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    Yep! worked great with the 650. Palms website mentions it in thier check back for compatibility section. Update will hopefully fix it.
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    I have tried a few different BT headsets and the 510 is the best I've used. I hope that the update fixes the issues because mine continues to become unpaired from my Treo and it's really annoying. Works great with my blackberry.
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    I had the 510 as well, worked really well with the 650, no so much with the 700. I have replaced the Voyager 510 with the Samsung WEP-200. This is the first headset I have had that doesn't have static. Moreover in the serveral months of use (4+), it has only disconected twice.
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