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    I have FontSmoother installed on my Treo 650 and when I go into the options, and tap on Toggle advanced mode, it takes me to another screen that offers me a button a the bottom of the screen which says Advanced.
    When I tap on it I get another screen that instructs me to go back to the menu | options | choose | Toggle advanced mode, again...
    Its a cycle that I cant seem to figure out how to get out of and into advanced settings...

    I downloaded version 2.08 registered it, but now find that the app is only v2.07...

    Not sure about that one but can anyone shed any light on this for me?
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    yep, 2.08 does show as 2.07. In early life the Advanced setting presented a screen with everything set the same way for the first bunch and then down at the bottom those applications that were not using the default font. It is operating as it has always operated.


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