Today, I made a few calls, all without issue. I make a quick call to my brother, put the phone down, get dressed, grab my phone, and leave my apartment.

Immediately, it started spazzing out. As if keys were stuck, it kept trying to dial like 04474004047474777744....over and over.

i could not stop it. when i got into SMS mode, it would enter crazy characters like "euro sign" and "function symbol [f(x)]" and so forth. would not stop. I couldnt view my contact list, couldnt use the directional button.

and any key i pressed performed another function. the phone button---very left---would take me to (forget where) while the home button would take me elsewhere.

I couldnt call. Couldnt do a damn thing. i was just watching the phone go all over the place.

i tried several soft resets. and even in wireless mode, it still did this.

and then....

it stopped.

and now it performs like it should...but im not convinced the problem is just stopped being stupid.

so...does anyone have any idea what prompted this, or have any thoughts on...ANYTHING.

because nothing unusual happened btwn the end of the call to my brother and picking up the phone again.

and i dont know what caused it to stop wigging out.