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    Poated this in Treo Genreral Chat - maybe this is better place for it?

    Just got a Treo750V and installed Goodlink on it for work email. Thsi is my first PDA/Smartphone so I'm finding my way

    All my contacts from my old (basic) phone were on my SIM card, and so I managed to transfer them to the WIndows contact list on the Treo. However they ar enot visible on the Good contact list (which seems to override the Windows one) that is synched with my Outlook contacts on the mail server

    Anyone know how I can merge the two contact lists on the Treo and then allow the server to sync up ?

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    To my knowledge the pocket outlook contacts and the GMM contacts are two separate lists and cannot be merged so that both can be synced as one. Goodguy correct me if I am wrong.

    I have all my personal and business contacts in goodlink...those sync with my address book in lotus notes, and i use pocket outlook contacts on my phone for my text messaging contacts.

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    While we are out it, can we figure out how to stop the Good from taking over the contacts on Treo750? One of the major advantages of Treo750 running windows is you can get photos of the phone list to show up on the main windows. With Good taking over contacts that becomes just text links.

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