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    I have my Motorola HS805 paired to both my treo 700 p and my ps3. My headset states that it may be paired with up to 8 devices. It will automatically connect to the device that it was last connected to. The manual states that if you want to connect to another device, you must initiate the connection from that device. For example, if I use it with my PS3, it will not work with my treo unless I re-initiate the connection. The only way I can it to work is if I start over and re-pair the connection.

    Is there any way to do this on the treo other than to reset/re-pair the device (which would defeat the point of having it pair with 8 devices.)


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    I have my treo bt to my pc and headset. As long as they are not near one another I am fine. But this is using a 650. Stupid question, but are you by your ps3 when trying to use treo and headset?
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    It should pair to last connected device as long as its on, if it is not on then it will connect to the next earliest connected device etc... So turning off BT on your Treo would allow the connection to your PS3 however, at the moment turning off your Treo's bluetooth has been problematic for most if not all 700p's Leaving it on seems to provide the best functionality. The plantronics 510 will allow "switching", which would probably be more suitable for your needs, but at the moment it is not a supported headset by the 700p. Everyone is hopeful that the rumored MR release will adress these issues

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