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    just curious if anyone has thought of or has switched to the e61i.

    The e61 has gotten good feedback over the last year or so.

    The e61i is an update (hardware).
    Cingular 680
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    thought about it - had an e61- gret device and now with camera (e61i).
    HOWEVER- there is still no too much of the software that I need for S603rd.
    My life is controlled with all the palm software avail-so will pass for now.

    palm really needs to add wifi or a wifi acessory.
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    I'd have to agtee, I tried that once, didn't workout so we'll. S60 3rd party support is LAME. I might by it just because I can. but not for any other reason.
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    wifi, better camera and lcd resolution
    other than that palm 680 will be much powerful
    i tried e61 once before, i feel it is too slow and tend to be phone oriented than a pda
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    Jump ship, kidding! I jumped back to aTreo 680 from E61. E 61 apps just sucks. Its been a yr since its release n just look at the number n types of apps released to date. Needless to mention Symbian apps r sooo expensive. Also what happens to them apps u bought when u upgrade to another nokia phone? Your reg goes by imei number!
    Only thing good about this phone is its web browser, 3G, WiFi. E61 is more a phone than a pda... a fun phone

    I got the Treo680 cos i needed a phone for work n less fun. Infact the apps r one reason why i'm back. Infact Treo is alot more fun then the E61.
    Another reason is the backup of data to card and restoring all whats in the phone from the SD card. E 61 lacks this very important feature. I came to a point on building up the E61 realising that i should stop. What if my E61 should crash one day how is it am i going to restore the phone to its last state.

    My only gripe bout the Treo is that its sooo slow at changing apps.

    Also the price comparison, the treo has so much bang and cheaper too

    Oh the E 61 MP3 via earphone is absolute crap. The treos PT simply Rocks
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    wow - well I do love my 680, just wanted to try the e61i because its slimmer with wifi and 2.0 mp camera - I am addicted to agendus for palm and chatter but I understand the agendus is made also for symbian os. I might be making a big booboo but we shall see
    Cingular 680
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    Agendus on Symbian! First of all PIM sucks on Symbian. 2nd copy/paste is a big laugh. 3rd send by BT, email, sms, mms,IR on Symbian doesnt give u full choice. Things may have improved on the E61i, who knows.
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    weird because most reviews on the e61 are good, of course not all but people seem to like the e61.

    who knows
    Cingular 680
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    Had Treo 600 (fab)
    Then SonyE P910 (OK...good web browser..bit dull)
    Then E61. Its cleverer that a Palm. Wifi and 3G and a screen to die for. The E61 has an absolutley brillaint web browser. I installed Opera, which is even better than the standard one. Makes the "Blazer" look like a bit of a joke really, as you can view pretty much any site u can on a desktop. Also, Nokia does a a very good free app called "Search" ( which is very, very good...I'm the the UK and Googlemaps is not available. Also, if you use it properly (ie open everything you use a lot) and use its full on multitasking ability, its as fast as the 680, but.....

    No camera
    Exchange syncing doesnt work that well
    Its slow with images...
    Keybard is allmost too wide, somehow
    And I left it on my car roof and lost it!!!!!

    So I've got a 680 now! Miss the browser/mapping/screen size but you have to love the way Palm does things! So much more logical and fun to use (especially texts/mms) and as somebody said, has way way better PIM software... good but no cigar Nokia...tis allmost too clever for its own good!

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    Tried out the Nokia (the E62 actually) at my Cingular store prior to finally choosing the Treo 680 and was not impressed...although admittedly I never got a chance to really use it much.

    My two biggest turn-offs were...

    1. The width. Feels like you are holding a laptop computer up to your ear!!

    2. Earpiece volume was way too low...lower even than any Sony Ericsson phone I have ever had...and that's low.
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    I've never had a problem with the phone side of the Nokia. Maybe that was one of the Cingular crippling tricks .
    Point is, if u don't care about 3rd party apps and opening office docs ( I've tried sooo nany versions of Quick Office, anyway u slice it, it doesn't work.) Nokias r great, very durable but the software side of things inst thought out very well.
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    The internal memory has been reduced from 75 MB to 60 MB, and the rated talk time has been reduced by almost 40%. I'll pass.
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    Jump ship! what! are you ka-razy! I love my Treo since the day I first got a 270 (way back). I'm a Treo Junky till they stop making'em.
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    Actually I did just jump ship, from a treo 680 to the E61i. I did it because I got tired of the crap battery life and crap browser, the iffy sync on the mac (even with the excellent missing sync) the dumb phone application, the hard to use d-pad, the size and weight of the treo, and the s..l..o..w..d..o..w..n..s. And resets. And I got tired wondering when Palm was going to get their s**t together and release a firmware update.

    The E61i pretty much runs everything I need it to with few exceptions. It seems more stable, battery life is better, camera is better, built in mail is better. Wifi is great (though if it did not have wifi, that would be ok) Bluetooth stack is better, build quality blows the treo away. The browser is far and away better. The keyboard is much much better, as is the d-pad. Call quality is better. Ringers are louder. Speakerphone is much better.

    Treo is still better at some things. Preferences management is still easier on the Treo. Address book still looks better, and the Nokia has some quirks that I am still not used to. Treo wins with the hardware silence-mode switch. But overall, it pretty much matches the Treo feature for feature with a better, more mature OS and form factor.

    I don't regret the move one bit. Granted I am still in the honeymoon phase, but already after only a day I have made the transition quite seamlessly.
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    LOL, you will be back. I said the samething when I bought the E61.
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    Wait till u find out that restoring your phone from an SD card is not possible. And the PIM on Symbian is just so n so youd think of the treo again. Apps wise to enhance the phone r so few but if u r going to just use it as aphone then go get it
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    Wait till u find out that restoring your phone from an SD card is not possible. And the PIM on Symbian is just so n so youd think of the treo again. Apps wise to enhance the phone r so few but if u r going to just use it as aphone then go get it.
    Also the support through forums for symbian is nothing as helpfull as palms. Knowing also that palm is an open OS the overwhelming support speaks for itself.
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    true, but then again, the Palm is the only platform I've used that required restoral from an SD card. I used to use UIQ in a SE P900 and it never crashed so hard that it required a hard reset.

    And then I found this Shouldn't this work or am I missing something?

    I found that while Palm has more apps, for me most aren't terribly useful. The big must haves for me was TomTom Nav 6; Handmark Pocket Express and a decent IM client. I have all of that on the E61i. I used to be a big PDA user, but over the years I have drifted more toward paper for to-dos and stuff. I use web based apps for many PM tasks. So for me a good communication platform with Information appliances, reference and a good pocketable form factor is what I need. A 1.3 MP camera or better (so I can use SCANR) is a bonus.

    We'll see, I guess. I don't think I'll be back until the PalmOS gets a major upgrade, the form factor gets slimmer and Palm learns a little about battery management. The few cosmetic changes for the Treo 680 actually made the UI worse, not better. If the E61i doesn't work out I am more apt to jump to the iPhone.
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    Quote by ediamond, And then I found this Shouldn't this work or am I missing something?

    As far as backup from card is concerned on an E61, yes E61 has this feature but it did not work. Having foundout that, i put all my apps to run from card. I also keep hard copies of each app on the card if at such time i need to reinstall that app.
    I would backup all my contacts onto the card too. This can be done on the E61 contacts/select all/copy to mem card or from mem card.
    There is always a possibility for the need to hard reset the phone. sometimes softresetd/reboots doesnt solve solve all cases like the palm. On the E61, one scenario is the Web browser, an excellent app, that occasionally gives u "connection is in use". No matter what you do nothing helps to resolve this thus making your web browers useless.

    Out there, the Symbian community cant help much cos the new Symbian file explorer is crippled by Symbian its self. Ie,Symbian has decided to lock you out from prying into the phones inards.
    On Palm we hv the file browser like filez n explorer that allows u to delete what ever offending part from the set. Palm also have the Uninstaller that allows u to delete everything u put in previously. On Symbian???????

    So if u installed an offending app on a symbian, and u r not sure which app is causing your E61 to behave abnormally, u could try deleting one app at a time but is it a clean delete or u could do the fast way and do a hard reset but where is the backup to restore! Will the restore be complete? What about your settings n preferences! Are going to redo all those again amidst a tons app u have on the set!
    Unless Symbian has these points covered i for one will not get a Symbian phone. Its just too risky. I've been there. But on the otherhand Symbian might hv improved.

    Then there is the available ram mem to run apps. The E61 has 23mb the web browser takes up 10mb just to start. Log in PalmAddict n your phone will say mem full. If u had other apps running b4 this ( multi Tasking ) they will be closed down automatically. Now, to get back to those apps or Fav apps youd need to run them one by one again. In Palm we hv the most common apps pop up to get us there. So from here i dont see the point of multi tasking on a small device like a smartphone.
    Wait till u use the Symbian Sheet to Go, u will see how slow it is etc... no touch screen!!!! Not to mention theres no sync of docs either or anything of that kind!
    Just my 2 cents here
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    I'll add my two cents in. I am just back at Treocentral after about 2.5 years away. Jumped from a Treo 600 to blackberry to E61. Now I am coming back.

    The e61 simply sucks as a phone. Pop ups get in the way of normal phone features. There is no way to know dialing by letters.
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