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    I would like to find an external Bluetooth GPS Receiver for my main vehicle that would be fixed mounted. I would like to connect it directly to the battery / elect system on the car and use it via BT with my tom-tom.

    If anyone knows of such an animal I would appreciate any info.
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    All the BT receivers accept +12V. Most use an adapter cable for a cigarette lighter. It would be a simple mod to hard wire it.

    I have the GT-359 which I got from Cingular for $99. I keep it plugged into the lighter in my arm rest which works very nicely.

    I don't hard wire mine because I move it to my wife's car on some trips or take it with me when I fly to another city. The BT-359 can charge from a USB cable which means that I can also charge it from my iGo power adapter kit.
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    Make sure you get one that has SIRF III or 32+ channels.


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