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    in tried mvoice for 7 days and being satisfied, i bought it. soon after registering, i tried the "connect to desktop" function and the treo froze. then i inserted a regular non-sdhc card and i was able to connect to desktop without any problem.
    i got the 8gb transcend card and mvoice was connecting it to desktop problemlessly when using the trial software.
    i did find a painful workaround though, i can first insert a regular sd card and once i am connected to the desktop, i can switch cards and the 8gb card is recognized.
    i am aware that sdhc is actually not supported by mvoice. i have mailed them my problem and lets see if i get a reaction.
    otherwise everything else seems to work fine with this wonderful softeware.
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    I have an A-data 8gb sdhc and have not had a problem with the USB connection on Mvoice. The actual recording feature did not work properly until I reformatted the card to either 16 or 32k though. It would freeze after 6 secs of recording at the 4k allocation. Have you tried recording?
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    thats the funny thing. recording is working fine. i must have done some very minor change to my card that has influenced this function. the sorrowfully ironic part of my coincidentall fate is that the problem actually arose exactly after i bought the software after having enjoyed the trial period without this problem, or rather, without any problems at all. i dished out with the 25 bucks having a good feeling that this investment will be worth it even though i might change my treo in autumn when the new ones arrive.
    the mvoice people told me that i wasn't to expect the 8gb sdhc card to function anyway.
    my feeling is that i will find the source of that bloody bug and figure out a workaround very soon. the present workaround is more of a joke.
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    That is weird...
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    just this evening, a friend of mine with a treo 680 (mine is a 650) and also with mvoice and 8gb transcend card (same as mine) visited me. we tried the following things:
    - he connected his treo to my desktop via mvoice, it worked
    - i transferred my card to his device and we managed to connect, but for a short time only.
    - i inserted his card into my device and we managed to connect to desktop without any problems
    - then i inserted my own card into my own treo and ..... IT FUNCTIONED
    - i tried again, and... IT FUNCTIONED.
    i am puzzled and happy, but not sure how long my luck will last. its all very haphazard.

    -conclusion: although a device is not supported, it might function.
    -my reward to my friend (which i would have done anyway): i made tomtom 6 work on his treo 680 after finding solutions to another such official incompatibility issue after browsing through forums.
    -motto: palm users should never give up.

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