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    Just ran a test at

    Treo 650 = 31.51 kbps (my wife's Treo)
    Treo 700p = 464.20 kbps (my Treo)

    I have noticed that Sprint has turned on faucet in a lot of areas.

    The above one is from Keene, TX which is south of Ft. Worth. In Pecos I am now getting around 360-450 Mbps (which is not bad!)

    I also live in Pecos, TX (Pecos is a small town along Interstate 20) 100 miles south of Carlsbad, NM; 80 miles west of Midland-Odessa, TX. If you go in a Sprint store it does not show that they have EVDO in That area (Midland-Odessa). So I think that they have quietly turned on the EVDO and I am quite happy with that.

    The web site list's the following speeds in comparsion:

    Dial Up = 28.8 kbps
    Dial Up = 53.3
    Dial Up = 56 kbps
    ISDN = 128 kbps
    DSL = 384 kbps

    and on up; so I am impressed with the Sprint EVDO (as this has just recently changed in my home area)

    wish I could compare the 700WX
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    You mean KBPS not MBPS... You could run 100 houses with very high speed data with 400mbps of bandwidth.
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    The 650 COULD do 70-100kbps in a good day, in edge area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    The 650 COULD do 70-100kbps in a good day, in edge area.

    This was Sprint CDMA

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