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    I recognize that this is the 700p hardware forum. I am a 700p user. However, for those of you using more than one active handheld device, what is the name of the "other" device you use to compliment your 700p? I recently purchased another handheld am I'm curious to know what devices others use along side of the 700p. Please feel free to include any palm or non-palm devices. Thanks for indulging me.
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    Diana Prince as in...Wonder Woman??

    I don't have a 700p, but I have the 650 and 680.
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    I was using a Palm Tungsten T3 PDA paired with a Bluetooth phone for Internet connection.

    I went down to one device with the Treo 650 and now the Treo 700P. I cannot imagine going back to two devices. My Treo is my multi-device: phone, PDA, iPod, e-mail, web browser, quick shot camera, video player, calculator, alarm clock, stop watch, check book, photo book, resource information library, whatever device.

    I cannot see myself carrying more than one device in the future.

    It's just one and only one device for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    I don't have a 700p, but I have the 650 and 680.
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    I would never go back to 2 devices either, but my wife has my old PPC6700 (I needed to get rid of it because my new job only integrates with Palm email devices).

    I like my Treo (I've never had the problems listed on these forums, and also had a 600 and a 650), but the 6700 is a very cool phone.
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    I sold my 650P a while ago and went to the Razr with a Palm TX. The short of it is even though I hated my 650P, I hated juggling 2 devices even more. I've had my 700P for around 8 months now and it is a joy to only have one device. The only thing I don't like (and it's minor) is that when I'm running TT6 on my Treo and a phone call comes in, I get knocked out of the program. One device is the only way to go!
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    I only have one active PDA/phone, my 700p. However, unlike many of you, I don't use my Treo for music. I also carry an iAudio x5 running rockbox. I listen to music constantly, and need way more storage than can fit on an SD card., not to mention the mediocre interface on available POS players. Guess this is OT, oh well.
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    Bought a Dell Axim about 1 year ago....two months after that, I bought my Treo 700p on a retention deal.

    I use the Axim exclusively for work and the Treo for personal use. I'm a heavy note-taker and the Transcriber feature onthe Axim is a real timesaver. If the Treo was as good at handwritting recognition, I'd consider using it and turn the Axim into a GPS device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    Diana Prince as in...Wonder Woman??
    Gawd...if I get ONE MORE SCRATCH on my invisible jet...I swear.
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    Dontcha hate that?? People can be soooo insensitive!
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    BlackBerry 8800 (otherwise known as the QWERTY Pearl).
    Now if I can just figure out how to get my Treo 700P to use BlueTooth to use my BlackBerry's unlimited EDGE
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    I had originally (2004) been using a Moto V710 on Verizon and a T3. That combo, while not perfect, served me well for voice usage and BT DUN. Then my T3 died and I got a T5 and continued using it with the same phone. I REALLY disliked the T3's slider so the T5 was an improvement in that way but a step backwards in many others.

    I replaced the T5 with a TX in fall '05 and was dismayed that Palm had disabled DUN over BT on their '05 PDAs (LifeDrive & TX). When the V710 finally died in early '06 I got a V3c RAZR and muddled along with only using wi-fi hotspots on my TX.

    I finally caved in and got a 700p in May or June of last year. I tried for 6 months+ to use the 700p as my primary phone but gave it up due to the poor reception, disappointing battery life and frequent resets and BT issues. I still carry the 700p as a wireless PDA (little if any voice usage) in addition to a Moto K1m dumbphone. For voice calls and BT, the Moto simply runs circles around the Treo. But I find the "email anywhere" and EVDO functionality of the Treo a valuable tool as well.

    When my Treo line contract is up I may go back to my trusty old TX or look for a new solution entirely. I still really miss the 320x480 screen of the TX, its 128mb of RAM and the stereo headphone jack.
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    I swapped my 700WX for the P because I wanted my POS based medical programs back, but it got cumbersome to tote around at work. I got a great deal on a MotoQ so I use that every day and keep my 700P in my purse and just get it out when I need to use it. This gives me the best of both worlds.
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    Besides the treo 700p I also have a dell axim x51v, which I use for things like game emulation( mostly GBA and PS1 ), watch movies( the screen is ideal for this ), bluetooth dun via treo ( netfront browser is soooo much better ), wireless chess client( palm doesn't have an app that plays chess on a "well-known" chess server ), wifi( rarely, but nonetheless a good feature to have ), pdf files( when I need a bigger screen and/or my treo is not in hand ), and soon-to-be GPS reciever ( what else...the screen is bigger )......for everything else I use my treo.

    I also have a treo 650....its only function is to remind me how fast and reliable the treo used to be...!!!
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    Hiya, along with my trustworthy 650 I also have my TH55 mostly to surf internet when wifi is around, listen to music and read manga on the nice hi-res screen (Hate scrolling up and down on the 650 screen >.<).
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    home phone is a 700p... use it also for music, BT stereo headset, web surfing, weather forecast (4cast), alarm clock, bible reading, audible, podcasts, gmaps, picture mail, camera for quick baby picture and video's,

    work phone is blackberry 8800 - internal GPS to find my way when traveling, also BBwork email is fast, fast push... but when I want music or streaming video from, or web surfing, or weather or directory assistant... I pull out the treo. I have the bb equivalents, but they just don't work as well in my opinion.

    In the end both devices come with me on trips, but daily work I sometimes can bring myself to leave the Treo at home.
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    I currently have 3 activated phones: Treo 700P, 650, Samsung A920.
    I used to use A920 and Dopod P100 combo before I switched to 700P. A920 is not too bad and works fairly well as a dialup modem for my laptop and P100. It's tad fat and battery life is in short side. I really liked P100. Small, light, easy to hold, excellent GPS performance, and long battery life. I wish HTC designs a phone based on P100 without adding a bulky keyboard.

    I like 700p much better than 650 for improved stability, faster connection, and better design. Currently, I use both 700P and P100 though P100 mostly stays in my car. If 700P has an integrated GPS, I'd be thrilled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fairoasis View Post
    I got a great deal on a MotoQ so I use that every day and keep my 700P in my purse and just get it out when I need to use it. This gives me the best of both worlds.
    I recently got a Q and it seems to compliment my 700p pretty well.

    Thanks to everyone who has responded so far.
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    2 700p's (I'm a glutten for punishment) and a Moto Q (got it free from Retentions. I was tottin' the the Q for about a month learnin' the whole WM5 thing. I'm now back to my primary 700p. I like the Q and WM5 was easy to catch onto, but somehow the Treo keeps draggin' me back.
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    680 and BB Pearl...
    Cingular 680

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