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    My girlfriend wants to watch movies on her 650, and I'd like to install TCMP but she doesn't sync her phone to a computer, so I can't do an install using hotsync - is there a way to launch the install/prc file using the SD card? It occurred to me that I could try it using Filez, but then she doesn't have Filez either - I have the prc for it, but no way to do the the install. I can't remember if it is possible to launch a program file off an SD card on the Treo 650.....
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    I have done so, but have Zlauncher which allows the 650 to do so.
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    1. Yes, simply copy the files to the SD card in the /Palm/Launcher/ folder
    2. Alternatively, you can install it on your Treo and then beam/ bluetooth it to her
    3. Why can't you just hotsync her Treo?
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    Other option would be to put MyInstall by Alexander Pruss on her Treo 650. After it's installed any prc file placed in the 'MyInstall' directory on an SD card will be installed on your PDA if you so choose.It can even be set up to install whatever is in the MyInstall folder automatically upon insertion of the card. You do have to create the 'MyInstall' directory on the SD card yourself I think.

    I would provide a link but I think the only place it's available is over at src1, but it might be on his website too. Should be fine with a Treo 650 but I'm not sure, I just got mine and hot-sync to install.
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    Just use Blazer and an S/D card. Type file:///InstallFileName.prc
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    I think tcpmp will run with all files on the SD card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller View Post
    I think tcpmp will run with all files on the SD card.
    Does for me.....
    Everything including plugins are on my card.
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    Same here...
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    Thank you - I wasn't placing the files into the proper folder on the SD card.

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