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    Greetings: New to this site and have a terminal prob: Downloaded a Verizon Updater (CDMA and E911) to 650, installed same and it corrupted OS/hardware. Now, phone will not turn on (constant soft reset loop) and battery lasts about a day) Went to tech Supp and they walked me thru all resets. Phone still dead.
    1) what did I do wrong? 2) what is Treo's liability? 3) how do I get in touch with Treo Tech Supp personnel who can make a decision.
    Thanks everybody.
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    First, I would change your Treocentral user name to something other than your email address. You're going to get spam bombed...

    Did you use the Verizon Updater from the Palm website?
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    Good idea and yes, it was downloaded from the Palm site. Pretty sure I did everything right, but...
    thanks again.
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    So you did the Treo 650 Updater 1.05a for Verizon Wireless?

    Have you tried redoing the update?
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    Yep, and I did both hard and soft resets. When I attempt to turn the phone on, it loops into a series of soft resets, complete with the palm logo. The phone never turns on. Incidentally, a fully charged batt only lasts about 12 hours, even with the phone off. It's well and truly fried and I think Palm might be liable for a free repair. I had to have another phone, so I bought a 700P, arriving tomorrow.

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