Whenever I attempt to stream something from the Media Guide, I always get this message, on any channel I try. Sometimes even the Media Guide itself gives me this error, when I select it, which is really bizarre:

"'(channel here)' cannot be played. It may be an unsupported format, incompatible with this handheld, or an invalid file."

Am I missing a codec of some sort? If so, how do I get the codecs onto the phone so Kinoma can use them? I just find it strange that this happens with every channel, and even sometimes with the media guide as a whole. It will say "Media Guide cannot be played".

It also says I have an unsupported audio format when I try to play back .3g2 files I have recorded with my Treo. Any ideas? It's got to the point now, where it will show the window when I try to stream, but for a split second before the phone resets itself (it does every time), I see the "unsupported audio format" again at the bottom, from the streaming video apparently.

I've tried changing most file associations to Kinoma using Resco explorer, but my phone resets itself and changes nothing when I do that. However, someone told me on another forum that as long as .asx files are assigned to Kinoma, streaming and such should work fine, and .asx is already associated correctly. I have no clue on this situation. Thanks for any help.