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    The first hotsync, on my work AND home PCs, of every day results in a fatal error on my Prism with the Avantgo conduit displaying the message "The version of AvantGo on this device is incompatible with the version of AvantGo on your computer. Please upgrade your device software and sync again." on my PC. I do a soft reset and then sync again. Then the Avantgo sync works just fine!

    This happens on both my work and home PC. I have installed Avantgo 4.0 at least twice on my work and home PCs but that hasn't made any difference. The conduit looks fine on machines -- there is only one Avantgo entry.

    Anyone else seen this problem? If so, have you found a way to solve it?

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    I had similar problems upgrading the last version. It turned out that the installation didn't take with any hacks enabled. I did a System Reset (Handspring's term for a warm reset ), installed AvantGo, synced, then did a soft reset to restore my hacks. I followed the same procedure when I upgraded to 4.0 and didn't have any trouble.
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    OK, thanks. I'll try that...

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