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    I am working with a treo 650 cingular i used the grack tool and uploaded my custom rom and took out fat and put in fat 32, but now even when i upload the original rom i am stuck in an endlees reset loop can some one help me or if you have a custom built rom for cingular i will take that i just need my phone to work and someone to help me with it all i want is fat 32 on a custom rom that i can upload to my phone, if it has fastmode that would be great but if not the fat 32 with the custom rom would be great if no one can give me some help
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    Your situation is why I never did the ROM thing. I got the software, read it, took notes, got ready and stopped dead in my tracks. Good luck.

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    I would suggest that you put your query in one of the ROMTOOL threads or at least use a meaningful title so that somebody who can help can see what the thread is about.
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    Did you try a hard reset and then try uploading the ROM again?
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    i got it back to the original however now when i try to upload a rom again the phone is recognized but it says waiting for bootloader
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    For some reason, rebooting your computer may fix the "waiting for bootloader" thing. This has happened to me a few times and seems to work.
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