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    I've tried two separate headset adapters for my 360. I get a good amount of hum from both. Anyone have a specific model/adapter that will get me little to no hum?

    I really had hoped this would work.


    The one I bought off eBay was POS.
    The one I bought from RadioShack 1/8" to 3/32" (274-373), after I trimmed some of the rubber near the tip, isn't perfect but is working now sans hum. I'm getting sound from both speakers ... but, no, I don't think it's stereo. When I go to left channel only (on PocketTunes), I get little out of the left speaker. Serviceable though.

    Still doesn't work for cr*p with the FM transmitter I bought off eBay. Hum still there. Of course, the car is supplying the power to the transmitter via the lighter.

    Tried transmitter with batteries instead of cig lighter adapter. Still hums.
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