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    I just got myself a brand new Treo 650 and am checking out TAKEphONE to replace the built in dialer.
    One of the features I'm looking for in a dialer is the ability to somehow quickly discern if a chosen contact will require an area code or a 1 as a prefix and to automatically dial this number with the correct prefixes applied or, if this is not possible, to manually add the required prefixes before dialing out as I did on my old cell phones. With TAKEphONE the second option isn't available that I can tell.

    Right now I've set up TAKEphONE under the telephony rules to:

    1. 'Dial number as is(no formatting)'

    2. 'Use calling card/s'

    3. Under 'use calling card/s' I have the following settings:

    a. named the card 'long distance'
    b. Use card automatically is unchecked
    c. script is '1N'
    d. I have the first numbers for the most common area codes I usually travel
    to entered in the rules area

    With these settings each time I pick a contact number to dial, I will get the option of dialing as long distance or dialing as is as long as the first number in the area code of the contact matches one on the rules section.
    This setup works for me, but it means that if I'm dialing a local number I still need to go through one extra step every time.
    I'm sure that there must be a better way to handle the dialing rules, and I've spent the better part of yesterday reading the manual and searching forums to find one without luck.
    Is there a better way to set up my dialing that I've missed? If you know of one I'd love to hear it.
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    I've always just enetered numbers in contacts as xxx-xxx-xxxx (US numbers anyway). I never dial a 1 first, and it will always dial the area code whether it's needed or not. No extra steps are needed. Worked this way for years on Sprint.
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    Thanks for the response, sblanter. I've also started the process of changing inputing area codes for all of my contacts. Up until a couple of years ago area codes weren't need on local calls in Canada, but they are required for some larger centers now. It also seems like using 10 digit numbers work everywhere now, even if only 7 digits are required.
    To complicate things, some calls from within an area code here are local calls and only require a 7 or 10 digit number to dial, while others are long distance and require the 1 prefix to dial successfully.
    I wish My dialing rules were as simple as yours, just dialing a ten digit code sounds great!
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    The dialing rules for landlines where I am are as discombobulated as yours are. For whatever reason, though, from cell phones (at least Sprint) you don't have to worry about them (as long as all your stored numbers include the area code).
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    Must be a Sprint thing because I tried it and it doesn't work here. Too bad for me..
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    You can make different call card settings in TAKEphONE, based on where you are, and assign each call-card rule to a specific "location".
    Then you only need to set the correct location.
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