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    Just got a new unlocked 680 and I dowloaded the Outlook 2007 conduits from Palm's website and installed it on top of the conduits that came with the treo 680 CD. I set Contacts, Calander, Memos and Task to syncronize but the settings never stick for Contacts or Calanders. Instead, when I hotsync, these 2 don't sync, and the settings always revert back to "do nothing". Memos and Tasks seem to sync just fine. Anyone having this problem?
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    Are you checking the "Set as Default" box?
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    The problem was the I had an exchange activesync email account setup in Versamail (although I still can't get that to work). If you have an exhcange account setup in Versamail, it will disable Contacts and Calander from syncing...because these two are what activesync will syncronize...apparently this a feature to avoid double syncing and duplicates.
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    I have that problem too. My activesync email is working and it syncs contacts and calander the first time but I want the calandar and contacts to sync with the palm desktop. Is there a work around for this problem?
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    the work around I've found is to delete the exhcange account in versamail....or you could just try unchecking the sync boxes in versamail for contacts and calander so that versamail is set to sync only email and not calander or contacts. Post your results.
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    I deleted the exchange email account and then everything goes back to normal. When setting up the exchange account, I don't see anyway to tell it to only sync the email. I really want to be able to get my work email on the exchange account and me able to sync my calendar with the palm desktop. Anybody know a way to do that? If I used a different sync program would it work?
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    My 680 was working fine for the first 30 days and the only problem I am having now is that my calendar no longer synchs with Outlook. HELP

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