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    I searched and found several threads on PTunes and this seems to be what I am gathering.

    I paid for the BASIC version of PTunes on my 650 and loved it. I used the skins and the EQ quite a bit. Now that I have a 700p, I have lost the right to use skins and an EQ. Well, I did their bonus gift thing to get my skins back, but still no EQ?

    I have been using SAG to send music to my new BT8010's (great headset), but the sound is lacking. They really need some EQ adjustments to kill the "tinny" sound.

    My old BASIC reg code will NOT get me an EQ, is this correct? I HAVE to pay for the PREMIUM to just get an EQ? Is that right? I just want to make sure before I get ticked off and try a different program. Aeroplayer, maybe?

    Thanks for any help. I tried to "fix" my EQ problem for about an hour today before I accepted the fact that I was getting screwed. I couldn't believe I would lose a feature I paid for when they "upgraded" me. What a crock!

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    Equalizer is available for the Basic version.

    What version did you have on your 650? If it was 3.x:
    If you purchased Pocket Tunes 3.1.X on or after 10/15/06, you are entitled to a free upgrade to Pocket Tunes 4.0. Request your free registration code for 4.X.
    If it was 4.x, you should be able to put the code in and go.
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    Email Normsoft and explain your situation. I had a problem when I switched from the 650 to the 680 and they were very responsive. They had the problem fixed within the day...
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    I guess I should have been more specific. My apologies. I meant on the 3.x versions.

    I registered my copy of PTunes waaaayyyy back in October of '05. Been using it on my 650 forever. Guess that means no free upgrade for me.

    I simply can not get an equalizer to show up no matter where I install it (RAM or Card) or delete it, or even attempt to upgrade it over the internet. Just no luck.

    Guess I'll try and email them.
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    Ok, I just have to simply say that Normsoft is incredible. I may upgrade to their DELUXE version just based on the customer service. I emailed my problem to them before going to bed Saturday night (12.30 am), and had an answer by email when I woke up (7am crying daughter).

    And it wasn't a simple two line email response. It was a detailed response showing me how to fix everything. (Somehow an old registration code was still popping up in PTunes and wrecking things).

    I highly recommend this company. Their CS was great. If you have any troubles, then just contact them (but don't swamp their address, they are nice people). They are how a company's CS should be.

    /rave off
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    See? I told you! I got the same excellent service...

    I would highly recommend upgrading to the Deluxe version to be able to use the additional supported formats and streaming features...
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    i have a bunch of mp3 ringers on my card that i use with lightwav for ringers, is there a way to hide them from ptunes, when i go to ptunes and click open it searches and pulls up all the ringers i have as well as songs, anyway around this?

    the ringers arent even in the audio folder, they are in the palm/programs/lightwav folder .....
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