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    Every time ON Demand opens, I have to type in my zip code and wait the 2-3 minutes while it "sets up my account". I have tried using this program 3-4 times, and it happens every time. It kind of makes the program pointless to me if it takes longer to boot it up than it does to check info on it.

    I have done a soft reset. Am I missing something with the program?

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    Thats not right, something is wrong. I would call sprint and see what they can do about it (perhaps your account needs to be reset). You may need to get your treo replaced.
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    mine does that too, but I rarely use it so I didnt give much thought...
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    Hopefully Sprint can get you straightened out. Then, set it to automatically update every day (mine does it at 7:05 am) so there will not be any delay when you open up the app.

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