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    I've searched the bug list and forums for answers with no results.

    My 700p was loading a webpage and it reset itself and went into a infinite loop from "Access window to Palm to blank". I perfromed what I believe is a soft reset(hold the 5-way in the up position and reset with the stylus) and got out of the infinite loop, but now the phone radio won't turn on. I've tried holding down the red as usual and selected the "OK" button when I would get th screen notifying me the phone wasn't on and asking if I wanted to turn it on. Neither is working.

    Anyone have any other ideas short of a hard Reset?

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    There is no reason to fear a hard reset...unless you aren't backed up. Since you can get into your Treo I'd do a Hot Sync, then a hard reset. If you can turn your phone on, great, then do a Hot Sync and see if it still works. If so, great!
    I'd also wait for someone else (hopefully smarter than me) to add their thoughts.
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    That would be a warm reset, not a soft reset. Its kind of like Windows safe mode, in that it doesn't load all of the files it normally would, but instead the bare minimum. If you were to soft reset your phone again (a soft reset is just pressing down the button), and if you didn't have the reset loop, then you'd be able to turn on the phone radio.
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    Also, don't forget that sometimes, beyond logic, just removing the battery,
    waiting a full 30-60 seconds, replacing the battery and then performing
    a soft reset can perform miracles.


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