Heres something to consider.

Its been said quite often that we've been Palm's beta testers for the 700.

My beef with that (I dont have a beef with anyone whos said it so dont take it that way peeps) is to be beta testers there needs to be a Final/Gold. Well sure if you want to consider the MR as the "gold" version then fine we were beta testers. The thing about that is, heck up till about 2-3 months ago there wasnt even an annouced patch.

This WAS Palm's final/gold version till Bob-C stepped in and worked his magic.

On a different note, Sinclair's Blog post says that its in the carrier's hands for approval and they are testing it. We have been creative enough to find Sinclair in the first place (Thanks again Bob-C) does anyone have a way to contact the head of testing for Sprint/Verizon to put the same kind of heat on them?

Not to put Shadowmite on the spot but I seem to remember he has deeeeeeeep contacts in Sprint, Im wondering if he has anyway of confirming the patch and what it is and what its supposed to fix?

Shadow any thoughts? Or, anyone that posts on his board can you guys ask him?