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    Nah, I wouldn't suggest holding out until near release because this is pretty much a test to see how the servers can handle user activity. The more people that use this, the better they can see the demand from the servers. This way when the final product is released there won't be problems getting information for the widgets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JiNnEr View Post
    from what I read on the website, Saguaro will terminate if you run a Palm OS prog.
    Non Saguaro programs will not run in Saguaro. So basically, I'm thinking that I have to expect Saguaro to make apps for everything I use now? And pay again?

    ex. I have pTunes/Kinoma/etc..., Saguaro will terminate if I run those programs. So I have to hope that Saguaro will develop programs that will do what pTunes/Kinoma already do for me. If they don't plan to do that

    Then Saguaro, right now, as it stands with the public beta, is a bunch of widgets (calender,stocks,news feeds, etc...) which is like combining Neeeews!, 4Cast, etc... that takes up a lot of memory?
    It looks like it might be something like Apple OS with the focus on widgets. Seems they are taking request for widgets and hopefully like apple they will make the basic ones like PIM apps, music player, weather, etc free widgets to download.
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    This app doesn't handle network sockets correctly on my treo. It leaves them open and other network enabled apps are cripled after its use.
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    Nice looking...very professional, but that's about it right now. Need to see more.
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    Wow check out

    What a neat program I cant wait for it to come out. I am amazed at how quick it runs and how smooth the dragging of the 2 widgets we have to play with are. Seriously is like a copy of OS X widgets. Wow I hope the full program comes out soon.
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