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    I am fairly new to the Palm OS having bought my first Treo (650) last December so can't say that I know everything under the sun about it. The ringer switch is a great idea but what can I do to disable ringing and vibration for unknown callers. I often get calls from numbers that are withheld and I prefer not to answer them. However, with the switch set to on these calls will cause the Treo to vibrate until it times out and diverts to voice mail. Ideally, I would like the Treo to be silent without vibration as whether it's in my pocket or on the table it is annoying when it vibrates.
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    Actually, what I should have said is "with the switch in either position the phone will vibrate ...".
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    Others will chime in soon -- but there are several 3rd party phone apps that extend the Treo's phone capabilities -- and I am sure that what you want to do is a feature of one or all of them. (I have never tried any of them.)

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    Thanks Perry, I'll look those apps up.
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    Callfilter v1.3.2b1

    Manage your incoming and outgoing calls and enhance the capabilities of your Treo 600/650 dramatically. With CallFilter for Treo 600/650, you have the ability to block unwanted callers, automatically hangup on someone bothering you, and more! Stop telemarketers, annoying people, or anyone you just dont feel like speaking to at the moment from disturbing you. In addition, you can also take control of your incoming SMS Messages. CallFilter gives you complete control of incoming and outgoing communications. With the Call Completion, you can take quick notes about your last phone call and quickly schedule followup calls or meetings. For those calls you want to accept, you can use Midi, MP3*, WAV*, and WMA* files for your ringtone. In addition, you can enjoy unlimited Picture Caller ID, and innovate new informational ring screens!


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