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    Help! How can you tell which of the myriad of doc readers will open a particular .pdb file? I've tried looking for headers or something in the file, but no luck. The file is supposedly a etext file of Bill the Galactic Hero by Harry Harrison. I've tried about a dozen different readers, and none of them even *see* the file. If I check under info from palmos, it does show it listed. I've run into this from time to time on palm docs, but just deleted them and moved on. This time, I want to *read* this etext - as I've promised to read it out to my wife....

    Any ideas on how to identify which format it's in would be greatly appreciated. I'll post it as a .txt file so anyone who is so inclined can try to puzzle it out.

    Cheers and TIA,

    Tucson Sailors
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    Which readers have you tried?
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    Some more information that could help us help you:
    • Where did you get this file from? The URL would be ideal.
    • Do you have the creatorID of the file? Programs that I know of off the top of my head that can give this to you: RsrcEdit, FileMover, and Filez. There are others.
    With the CreatorID, someone here might recognize it or we might be able to use the developers' CreatorID search page to find the associated program. However it is currently down. Some common CreatorIDs are:
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    The file was downloaded at [url]removed later - warez site!
    I've tried Isilo, WordSmith, TealDoc, Peanut Reader, AportisDoc, TomeRaider and Iambic. None of them even see this file.

    The info on the file with RscEdit is size 118608, creator TRPW, Type ToRa. (Whatever *that* means....)

    Thanks for the help everyone,

    Tucson Sailors
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    Reinstalled TR after reading the info from RSCedit, and be d*mned if it didn't work this time. No clue why. Maybe uninstalling all my hacks did something.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, and I would highly recommend reading the story - its a classic SF, but with a twist.


    Tucson Sailors
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    Originally posted by tucson_sailors
    The file was downloaded at ...
    Don't know if you should be posting URLs of Palm warez sites on VC
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    I believe that it belongs to a propriatery DOC reader called TomeRaider.
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  8. #8 the future, if you open the file with Notepad there is a code which tells you what program will work with the file.

    There is a list at in the help section.
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    Hmm - I hadn't looked at the rest of the site - I just had found the ebooks. Think I'll go edit that post.

    Tucson Sailors

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