I have tried both versions of Versamail available for a Sprint 650. The one that came with it, and the "update" available from Palm. Both do the same thing. When I try to delete a message, the phone reboots. When I try to select all messages, the phone reboots. No matter how I access Versamail, when I do either of those things, it reboots. Since none of the messages get deleted, they just build up in the phone and on the server. Right now, I have almost 30 messages that have been read, and not needed, but undeletable. Any suggestions? I even did a "Hard reset" taking the phone back to factory setup. As soon as Versamail grabbed those messages from the server, I had the same problem....... I am about to junk Versamail and use something else, but I dont really feel like paying through the nose for something that comes free with the expensive phone. Versamail is free, everything else worth using costs money