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    Hi ahsirg, your KeyGEx is so cool, could you add "week" and "signal strength" on it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I am encountering a bug where if KeyGEx is enabled but Keyguard is disabled in Prefs, then touchscreen is disabled when I turn on my Centro. Anyone else?
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    And KeyGEx does not support opt+power, it can open keyguard when I use system default keyguard.
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    Thanks so much for making the wallpaper feature independent! Any plans on making the actual display items more customaizable? Like show/hide the shaded bars, change the font color, use a shaded overlay instead of a wallpaper image, etc? I'd also reeeally like it if you could add the "enable after 5/30-seconds" feature, have you made any progress in figuring out how to do that?
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