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    I like it without the instructions, very nice!

    Any chance of allowing KeyGEx to have it's own image instead of using Touchbook's wallpaper?

    I notice a slight delay when powering on my 700p, the screen lights up, whatever's there shows then KeyGEx kicks in. Not a big deal, just not sure if the delay is normal.

    Thanks again
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    I am developing a wallpaper library that will be shared among my Touch- apps and KeyGEx so each one can have its own wallpaper.
    The delay is for loading wallpaper
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    I like the keyguard, but it doesn't enable itself after reset. Have to go back in, unclick the enable box, then click the box again. Kinda buggy.
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    I would like an option for being able to dismiss/not dismiss the keyguard by the center button as I carry my Treo in my pocket and sometimes the center button will bypass the keyguard. So what I guess I'm trying to say is that I'd like to be able to only bypass the keyguard by sliding the lock and not by the center button.

    I'd still like the photo area to show my events too :-)
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    1.5.5 with minor bugfixes and support for TouchBook 0.985 new wallpaper format has been released.
    For next release:
    -unread sms count
    -disable Center button
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    New version messed up my wallpaper in KeyGex. It still looks great/the way it was before the update in Touchbook, but the middle of the wallpaper when in KeyGEx is muddled a bit. Still buggy.
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    Did you install touchbook 0.986 and assign there a new wallpaper? because wallpapers from older versions are not compatible. The difference between the wallpapers is just in the old v it was 320x320 wallpapers saved in database in 4 small bmps, and now its 320x480 and 8 parts.
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    Unfortunately, it still crashes upon waking when pTunes is playing. That's, um, inconvenient

    edit: I was using 1.5.3 -- tried upgrading to 1.5.5 but it won't install the _cpd2.pdb file... HotSync errors out with:

    Invalid handheld file (file deleted)
    Conduit Error: Invalid synchronization type. (1012)
    Last edited by Primathon; 06/09/2008 at 05:08 AM.
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    Thanks for the info. Updated the file
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    File installed correctly; I see you changed the wallpaper... Is there any way to let the user define an image to use for the background?

    Also, it looks like you fixed the pTunes bug when I turn the phone on, but I just got a message while listening to some tunes and it reset the phone again. Possibly the same thing? My phone is pretty close to stock -- I really don't have a lot installed on here...
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    You can set the wallpaper in TouchBook.
    About the resets. If you are using PocketTunes < ver 4.x.x then you could be getting resets. I think it is some kind of error with the compiler because I've had the same experience when popping up myDimmer over ptunes 3 as well.
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    Still very buggy, w/out ptunes. I love the look of this program, but I get too many soft resets.
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    Maybe its just bad luck. I havent got a single reset since my very first version on my 650. Or maybe smth else like the soft you hav installed
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    For example, after a reset, i have no keyguard. I go into Prefs-KeyGEx and it is still "enabled", but i have to uncheck it/check it for it to operate again.
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    I have no resets with pTunes deluxe 4.0.7 on my 755p. This is a nice adaptation of the keyguard. Would you consider making the bar that is "behind" the date/time but in "front" of wallpaper transparent?
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    It's weird, I still get resets, whether i'm using "basic" KeyGEx or the full screen wallpaper. It often works smoothly, then all of a sudden, i'll power on my Treo, screen comes on, then reset. It's something that happens within the split-second delay before the keyguard comes in. I thought it was Lightspeed, but I disable that and it still happened. I'm trying to figure what else it could be.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Happy to report-no resets! Not sure what the deal was. Great program ahsirg!
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    Glad to hear that :-)
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    Just chiming in here.... using keygex on a Sprint Treo 755p with no issues... I'm loving it!

    Thanx for a great program!

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