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    Just found out about the 2Day app. through this thread - thanks I think it's wonderful. Coming from a WM5 device I find the Palm OS akin to the Mac OS - simple and intuitive. I should give TMP a try sometime. Are both free?
    Niether one is free, but both deserve a try.
    Good Luck
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    started using 2day and i must say - it is fantastic! thanks for the recommendation!
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    still can't get the quicknews plugin to work correctly - it displays, but rotates only the articles in the first feed.
    all feeds are updated/ have articles
    feeds and program are installed on internal memory
    i can view articles from qn itself

    i've tried everything! any ideas??
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    I do like 2day, just wish it would be able to "take over" one of the hardware buttons for quicker one handed operation/view.
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    not sure if i understand your comment- but if i do - then you can map 2day to launch via the calander button. is that what you're referring to?
    if so, go to OPERATION under PREFERENCES and select DATEBOOK button runs 2day.
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    right sorry - I meant the phone button - I use agendus with the calendar button.
    Cingular 680
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    got it-- you can have it cycle thru to agendus via the calendar. that works perfectly for me - today page, followed by calendar - but you probably know that already!
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