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    Searched the forums but wasn't successful in finding an answer to my question:

    Is there a way to schedule the 650 to turn off the phone at a specific time (late night) and turn it back on in the A.M.? Been through the prefs, the manual, etc. can't seem to find any mention of it. I also have Butler, and that doesn't seem to be able to do it either.


    Harry J
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    It looks like Phone Technician does it...
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    ...and, as primitive as it looks, the free utility, TreoHelper does it, too. In fact, I'm still using it on my 680.
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    There is a free program called "profiles" that can do this. Works well for me.
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    I have battery dr. which I bought for 4.95 which does it, but also own Phone Technician, which also has it.
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    There is anopther app - shareware - called Treoguard which turns the phone on and off among other capabilities. you can program multiple schedules.
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    TreoAlarm does it, among other things. It's free if you don't update the weather.
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    I use AutoSync in an unusual way. I get it to do a sync everyday at 6:45am. My pc is switched off and the palm treo 650 is in the cradle. When the sync starts the usb connection on my pc makes the pc boot up. The autosync fails of course as the pc is switched off but this doesn't matter. It just gives up. I then set up another autosync for 7:00am and all works fine.
    The advantage of this little setup is that every morning I wake up and go to my pc to find it switched on and my palm is synced and ready for the day.
    Neat huh?
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    Another vote for Phone Technician. it will also give you a volume boost.
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    Another vote for Treohelper. Does what you're looking for, but also does an excellent an job managing the radio during times of low/no signal (translating into better battery life).

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