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    Hi there,
    I have resco backup on my Treo 680. It has a feature to lock apps in the cache.
    I've browzed many forums but havent found any mention of a list of apps that should b locked.
    I'd appreciate it if somebody can list them out!
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    Only old (legacy) apps that don't support NVFS need to ever be locked. Any app specifically written for Treo 650 on (NVFS stuff) need not be locked. You should also never need to lock Treo native apps (Phone, for example).

    Indiscriminately locking apps can cause problems and be detrimental to the performance of the device, and could also cause resets. While "locking" apps in "cache" may seem to be a good thing, this is not really so.

    If your device is working ok, just ignore this option.

    There are several threads here discussing this. A lot has been written and talked about this very same issue. Just search for "RLock" or "Resco Locker"
    Game over!
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    Thanks a bundled

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