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    sometimes Good crashes and I have to reinstall or reprovision. on Outlook I have added a number of folders in addition to 'Inbox' and 'Sent'. I see these on Goodlink and when I move emails to these extra folders they show on Good. HOWEVER when I reprovision, Good doesn't fill these additional folders (i have to resend these enails to me then move them to the folders in order for Good to see them.

    Q: is there a way to reprovision folders other than 'sent' and 'inbox'?
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    thanks. worked great. one other question:

    how do I 'Select All' - for example when I want to empty my deleted box?
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    What type of device are you on?
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    treo 680.

    Been a user of good for near 2 years and have held out against my entire firm who are all on BBs (and converted a few!).

    While I'm asking, one thing that I think Good sorely misses is a decent Notes program that more closely resembles outlook, most importantly (a) colors and (b) unlimited note size. Currently I have Good but use a 3rd party app called KeySuite (fantastic) which has a great Notes program which only syncs via my PC. Good should acquire this Company.
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    To do a mass delete, simply highlight all the messages you want to remove (tap and drag) then hit d.
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    there is 'T' for top and 'B' for bottom. why not 'S' for select all? much more convenient...

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