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    I had to do a hard reset (my first ever in 10 months) and recovered nicely with Backup Buddy VFS. Unfortunately my Messaging App now appears to be completely different - does not appear to do threads or save my sent messages. The about says Messaging v. 2.5 but I don't know what I had before. Has anyone encountered this? I did try to search . . .
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    Same happened here. Reset the Treo this morning (I have done this many times before) using the reset in Z-launcher and lost all my SMS log. Anyone know how to restore WITHOUT restoring the entire device. I use Missing Sync and was hoping to just reload the SMS messages.
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    The file to restore might be Messages_Database.pdb.

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    also check your settings to ensure that you state to group similar SMS into threads...

    Menu->Options->Preferences->Chat->Create Chats From Messages

    I change mine to "Never" and then back to "Always".. seems to re group them..

    Not sure if that helps...

    I did a reset once and it ungrouped everything...
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    Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately my original database was overwritten with a backup. I tried restoring that but it didn't help. I also changed the chat preferences to no avail. Finally I noticed that the messages database was not being written to so I deleted the Messages_Database and SMS Messages2 files and it went back to normal.
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    For me the simple solution was to replace the file Messages_Database.pdb. Fortunately it was located on my SD card backup file. Just copied it from the card to RAM replaced the current file and voila!

    Thanks for the tip.


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