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    Hope some one can help:

    I have all my contact and e-mail in Eudora(using window XP) and would like to transfer them into Treo 680.
    I am not too technical, so plse be patient with me.

    Many Thanks in advance
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    Eudora does NOT export information on it's own. There are various ways to get the information out such as detailed here

    Or a simpler commercial solution:

    Once it's exported you can dump it into several standard formats such as ".csv" that Palm can then import.
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    Bigcatny: Thanks for input , Will try both options.

    And latter on , will try to do hotsyn. I guess , I am taking baby steps...
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    I tried a different approach , Had a copy Microsoft outlook, I imported Eudora addresses to Microsoft outlook. And on the Palm desktop had conduict set-up for Microsoft outlook. This way I could get the address in the Treo 680.
    Also for any futher changes in Eudora will be relected in Outlook (Once import is done)and than do hot Syn.

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