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    In the last few weeks I have had a large number of my users getting their email flow controlled. That number seems to be growing. I had two users I had to fix just today.

    As far as I can tell this is not a data coverage issue and their mailbox sizes vary greatly.

    I can get them working by using a debug/reprov but this is becoming a real pain for me and my users. This is happening to some of my users two or three times a month so I need to get this resolved. Most of the devices with the issue are Treo 650's on Cingular. I have also had it happen on Treo 700s on Sprint and Verizon and on Nokia E62s on Cingular.

    Any assistance on getting this resolved would be great.

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    Ditto for us too. My techs are saying this started happening after, yet it is very random. 650 and 700p on Sprint.
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    I have not had that happen on any of my users after the 4.9.3 update.
    I would do an elogs or server log upload to goodlink and have them take a look. On the 650's I could see that being a problem since they are not high speed. But on the 700's that shouldn't be happening unless they are offline for a long time and get a lot of mail..
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    upgrade to 4.9.3.x should work. otherwise, from the good website:

    Remedy: An upcoming client service release will address this issue. It is scheduled for release between May 15th and May 30th, 2007. We are on target to release in the first portion of that time frame barring any unforeseen complications. The 4.9.3.x client will be available to all customers automatically in their GMC distribute software tab.

    Until the new client is released users may resolve the problem by either running "reprov" from the Good debugger or completing the OTA initial setup again.
    Instructions for Good debugger "reprov":

    1. Go to the Good debugger.
    a. Windows Mobile - open the Good Launcher and type "000debug" (QWERTY) or "00033284" (12-key)
    b. Palm - Go the Good home screen and type "debug".
    2. Enter "reprov" and hit return.
    3. You will be prompted "This will erase ALL data and reprovision the device - sure you want to do this?" - hit "y" and then return. Note: Despite the warning this only re-syncs the handheld's Good Messaging DB and doesn't affect other data or applications.
    4. The handheld will soft reset and the Good services will reconnect. Manually run the Good Messaging application if it does not automatically launch.
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    Just picked up the 755p from verizon, everything was working and still is, except for e-mail. It wont reprov...from the command line...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrysd View Post
    Just picked up the 755p from verizon, everything was working and still is, except for e-mail. It wont reprov...from the command line...
    Perform a fresh installation after having your GMM Admin recycle your GMM

    The new CDMA phone will have a new ESN and "break" the link with the GMM account you had prior. A simple delete and readd of your account will fix the issue.

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