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    Weird, where did you get 4.2 from? Both the install disc and the website only give me 4.1.4.

    I've personally tried all of the different compatibility modes, and have UAC turned off, so "Run as administrator" is irrelevant, and nothing works. I rarely Hotsynced on my XP PC anyway, so its really not important at all to me, to install programs I just use the "Send to> Bluetooth device" option, and I backup to the SD card.
    Secret source
    Seriously though I dunno it gets installed if I use my 700p or 755p disc

    FYI I couldn't get the palm program to run when I had UAC turned off. Also once installed I can only run Palm Desktop in XP compatiblity mode not "aministrator" coincidentally or correctly that is the defualt setting if installed as I mentioned above.

    Also if you remove a user from palm desktop to start fresh, you need to remove the "user file" from the hidden "app data" folder as well or it will just reinstall from it only you wont be able to see the user in Palm Desktop
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    I haven't used the Palm Desktop software but I did look at my version. It is 4.2. I only installed the version that came with my 700p from verizon. I bought it back in October so maybe its a newer version than the original. Beyond that, no clue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoNewt View Post
    Maybe because there is no impending palm-user's mutiny regarding the HotSync software yet. I think the only thing that makes Palm move this days is the feeling of fire in their @sses, otherwise they just seat tight - if we are not made aware is broke, why fix it?
    Palm only gets that feeling from a bad lunch at Taco John's.

    Palm Desktop is an incredibly broken app in so many ways, and it's been that way for a long, long time. It doesn't install well on a Win2k/WinXP machine that has multiple user profiles (i.e., it won't install well across all profiles, only for the profile that installs it). It's a pain in the rear to get working for users that don't have local admin privileges --and since many Palm devices are corporate ones, they should have gotten their heads out of their collective rears and fixed this by now. This probably explains why it doesn't work well in Vista (though I've never tried it); I'd guess that Palm Desktop isn't well suited for the new "least privileged" environment, since it seems that security has never been a priority with Palm. I'd be willing to bet most of the PD 4.14 code dates back to Windows 9x/Me days; when was the last time we saw a major release?

    IMO, the app desperately needs a ground-up rewrite, but why do that when you can coast on code somebody made xx years ago without having to spend money, and people keep buying your product?

    Note: Most of my problems result from installing Palm Desktop in a corporate, networked environment; the average user may not experience them. As for Vista, the OS is probably fine (despite lack of drivers), but I can't see much that it can do that XP cannot (after running Beta 2 and three release candidate builds) other than take up additional resources and look pretty.
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