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    Free update. Just came out.

    version 3.0.2 - 4/11/07

    * Issue 5401 - Fixed a crash in Listener from a dealloc in new code
    * Fixed a crash in Listener with USB/WM5 connections and network interface setup
    * On file install, make sure to close the file we've just written to the device
    * If a sync is in progress, don't allow the disconnect button to be pressed
    * Support Orange M3100 device
    * 4064 - The USB connection preference properly "turns off" USB connections on WM5
    * In the contacts plugin, you can set the device's contact sort order
    * 4612 - Durante: Pre-flight available space on file install
    * 4561 Localization : Tasks plugin "Ignore complete tasks" not localized - German
    * Crash reporter fixed
    * Support iPaq RX 19xx
    * Added a small button to refresh the card list in the install tab, in case a card was inserted after connection
    * Fixed a status issue with Photos plugin.
    * Fixed a problem with the Bookmarks plugin scrollbar.
    * Better handle events repeating every other year.
    * Run setup assistant AFTER registration process completes.
    * Make sure our menu bar menu says "Missing Sync for Windows Mobile"
    * Changed URL for support helper.
    * Fixed a problem with the scrollbar in the install prefs.ハ
    * Fixedハan issue with bluetooth connections
    * Added the "remove devices" applescript
    * Updated Bookmarks plugin to work better on Japanese devices
    * Added a warning for when the device database has a changed record.
    * Fixed Notebook syncing issue for Japanese
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