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    Hey all,

    On my 700p(Sprint), every so-often calls go straight to voice mail(I do not have call forwarding on, nor do I have it on vibrate, the volume bar is at the half way point, and I recive a clear signal). I am on my second p, because I had the same issue with the first p and Sprint gladly replaced it. Since replacing the ("defective") phone did not solve the problem, I want to hear what you guys think.

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    Are you doing anything else when the call goes directly to voicemail...text messaging, emailing?
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    i am an avid 700P user, know my ins and out too..

    Last week, I was having the EXACT same issues as you. Maybe about 2/10 calls would go straight to VM.

    tried power-cycling, looking at my apps (LightWav was a promary suspect) -still some calls wouldnt go through;

    I am guessing it can be a tower issue or what-not. BC today its fixed, no problems.

    Sprint 700P in Ls Angeles region.
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    I have exact same problem & I am too in Los Angeles. I am not connected to the internet at all & it still happens. Weirder still, people call me & leave a voicemail but there is no voicemail notification. When I call & check my voicemail, I have NO new messages but I have new saved messages - the new voicemail gets automatically saved! Also people have called & it rang & they leave a message but I get NO missed call or voicemail message at all - new or saved. Text messages spotty too. Suck!
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    come to thinkg of it, my phone is not 100% fixed.

    I DO remmeber today someone leaving me a voicemail, and i didnt get a missed call.

    strongly believe its a network issue.
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    just read on that it may possibly be an EVDO outage

    (makes sense)

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