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    I can only find Ms. pacman.

    Where can I get the regular pacman that works perfect on the 680?
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    PalmGear for $14.99:

    Attached is a free one you can try out. Not an offical "Namco" version but it works.
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    I have Namco Pacman and Miss Pacman. PM me and I can send them your way. (Trials of course)
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    PacDude always froze on my 680 . It works fine on the 650 .
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    Ahh... Missed the "680" part. PacDude has worked on my 600, 650, and 700 but I can't vouch for the 680. I don't think the 680 was listed on the PalmGear Namco version either.
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    What about emulated? The 680 runs Little John perfectly for most games. Some games have some weird missing graphics I've found (Zelda 3, some 'invisible' items are completely invisible).

    I bet there's Pac Man for any of the emulations it does.
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    I think you're being optimistic about Hooter's tech ability...he doesn't know what a manual is, remember? If you send him in that direction, we'll see twenty new threads asking how to play PacMan...

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