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    I've had my 700p for a little over a month, and spent a chunk of that time waiting for sprint's customer service to send me a return "package".

    After running into bluetooth weirdness and mild versions of various and sundry other 700p bugs and annoyances, coupled with the palpable lack of attention and support from Palm, *and* given the fact that the 700p EOLs within a month, *and* given that the 755p comes out on Sprint within the month...I'm going back to my 650.

    I still plan to upgrade to an EVDO phone. At this point, I'm going to wait until the 755p comes out, then consider that in conjunction with the Q and whatever else is available at that time, probably with an emphasis on threaded SMS availability, as I use that a lot...

    I'll say that, as a big user of SMS, I'll miss the minor SMS app enhancements (in populating the To field) in the 700p, but a month or so more with the tiny-bit less good 650 SMS app won't kill me.

    On the bright side, I've tansferred all my SMS threads from the 700 back to the 650, and all's fine there.

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    As of the information we have now the 755 will be the same as the 700 but without an antenna... Unless we get a firmware update for the 700p which we are awaiting on the announcement.

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