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    Fellow treonauts,

    My 700p has lately been cutting out its audio during playback. The songs are loaded as mp3 files on a 4 gig SD card.

    For example, I'll be listening to a song and suddenly the sound cuts out. I've seen it happen using TCMP and also Ptunes.

    But even though the audio cuts out, the display shows the song is stil playing. When the audio cuts back in, it's at the point of the song the display is showing.

    Any thoughts on this?
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    It's documented issue with the 700p. Look in the various threads regarding the ROM update.
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    There's nothing wrong with your files. It is, as eodell poits out, a well known issue the 700p has. It is a design flaw that Palm hopefully will address and solve when they release a maintenance ROM patch sometime in the future.

    As for any temporary solution for the problem, you may want to browse the forum a bit. Some solutions inlcude cleaning up cache, others deal with updating the Pocket Tunes version... I wish I was more helpful but those are from the top of my head the only solutions I have at the moment.

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