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    Ok so being a new treo owner I've been out looking for a great case to protect my treo 650. There are alot of different types of cases nad different makes, holds, etc. I guess first I have to decide what type of case I'm wanting (full cover, in-the-case-use, hard, soft, glove, etc). However being a new Treo owner I'm not sure just yet. While I know alot of it is personal preference does anyone have any pros or cons to the different types of cases out there? Is it annoying having to pull your treo out of the case everytime you want to use it? Is it nice to have full coverage even while using it? Are phone calls clear with a glove case? These types of questions.

    Also, do you find it easy to use and beneficial to have a clear cover in the case for the screen and/or keyboard? Is the stylus hard to use through a cover? What about flip open cases, are they awkward while trying to talk on the phone for any length of time?

    Just a few experience questions I thought I would ask before starting to invest in cases. I'm not so interested in brand as much as style of the case and functionality.

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    My favorite was the Speck rubberized case. I love the look and feel, but after a while of it getting hot and having to take the Treo out of the case to reset it, it would stretch, making it useless.

    I tried a clear plastic case by SPE (I think), and I didn't like the way the belt clip was made, I couldn't lock it into place.

    I now have a zcover. It took some getting use to because of the covered keyboard. I also bought a seidio battery cover with reset hole, and poked a whole in the zcover case. Now I don't have to take the Treo out of the case unless for some reason I need to remove the SD card.
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    What Treo did you finally end up getting?
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    My current favorite is a side case similar to the Palm side case sold here. It provides good protection while the treo is in the case and the treo is easy to get out when needed.
    I also use a BoxWave screen protector. These are a small investment for the protection they offer plus the non-glare version allow you to use your Treo in bright sunlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    What Treo did you finally end up getting?
    I got a 650, it was actually funny the whole process I went through with the swimmer I originally had
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamcanion View Post
    I got a 650, it was actually funny the whole process I went through with the swimmer I originally had
    I remember, I'm glad you found a new one...

    I also recommend the Boxwave screen protectors. If you want a skin case, I would recommend the Palm Flexiskin and if you're looking for a pouch case I recommend this one...

    Have fun with your new obsession...
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    I actually read your review and have been looking at those cases.

    Do you have any pros or cons relating to skin vs pouch?
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    Can you get the palm flexiskin for the 650 ?
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    I think someone sells the skin for the 650 that covers the keyboard...zCover, maybe? I bought my 650 skin from Boxwave, but it doesn't cover the keys...

    I think you'll find that a lot of members here have multiple case for different situations. I prefer a pouch case with a belt clip if I'm going out and don't want to carry a purse, it just looks nicer. I usually get the pouch to stretch over time so I can fit the skinned case in the pouch. I really don't like the industrial looking cases that have the vinyl over the front of the Treo...
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    I have several Nutshells. Beautiful leather, well-made, and fantastic customer service.

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