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    I am having a problem with my Cingular/GSM Treo 650. When I try to take high resolution video, I either get the error "Cannot Encode Video" and/or a soft reset. Low res video works fine. I have done all kinds of searches here and elsewhere and I have seen references to this problem, but no one has posted a solution. I have a custom ROM, mainly so I can run an 8 GB SDHC card, and a full load of all kinds of applications. I tried running the original ROM and I still get the error. I think I may have accidentally deleted something from ROM or RAM. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this irritating problem?
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    I remember reading some posts about loss of the ability to transfer video to the card after doing the SD mod.
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    Yeah, I should have been more clear..I heard that too. This happens even when I am trying to save the video to internal memory...
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    I see what your saying about not being able to record to internal memory either, but mine seemed to work after formatting my 8gb SDHC to a 16k allocation instead of the default. I was having the same exact problem where low res worked fine but high gave the encoding error. This also fixed problems I was having using Minitones and MVoice (they both use the SD to work).
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    Well..I'll be damned! I tried popping out the SD card...and even though I am saving the video to internal memory it will work with the card out, but give errors with the card in. I never would have thought of that. I formatted the card originally to 32k allocation based on some posts I read. I will try reformatting to 16k and see what happens. Thanks cutoffcirc!
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    Your welcome. I'm not really sure why it works either but it just does. I had mine formatted to 32k for a while but this caused my TomTom6 to not work properly. I'm not sure I ever tried taking a video at that allocation. Good luck with the 16K. What brand SDHC do you have? Mine is the A-data.
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    That's what I have too, an A-Data class 2.
    Do you notice any speed difference in reading from or writing to the card with the 16k?
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    The VFSMark numbers were virtually the same for me for 16 and 32k. After getting a bunch of stuff to work better with the 32k, I was reluctant to go to 16k but it really made no difference. I really had to use 16 because my TomTom freaked at 32. Both are much faster than the default.
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