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    First, I want to say that TC has already been a source of education for me, and thanks.
    Next, I have had reset issues from day one. I have updated, zeroed out rest, started from scratch and even with a virgin phone get crashes. Sometimes the error log reads data send error, occasionally the dreaded Hall radio error.
    Today, I have backed it all up, and done one final zero out, a last act of futility. Here are my questions:
    1. I have Tmo T-zones. I haven't gone for the data plan because I don't use the net enough to justify the expense. Could this be the source of my crashes? The resets generally happen with SMS messages, or checking email with Snapper, or the rare occasion that I do try to go on line.
    2. I bought my 650 on Ebay and also bought the Squaretrade warranty. Anyone have experience with those guys?
    3. Through some fluke with Tmo, when I bought Asurion insurance for my Samsung phone, and then used the Treo 650, the system switched my coverage to the Treo. Anyone with Tmo ever claim their 650? If so what was the result, refurb 650, 700? I am not trying to abuse the system, just to see what my honest options are.

    Any and all thoughts and comments are appreciated.
    M100, M515, Tungsten E, Treo 600, Treo 650 unlocked GSM; SW 1.20 ENA; FW 1.71 (T-mobile)
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    I have dealt with SquareTrade in the past using them for dispute resolution through their eBay sellers program. They were very helpful in a few instances. I bought a warranty from them as well after buying my Treo on eBay. I have never had any problems with them but I haven't had to use my warranty so who knows. The thing I like is the price, they seem to be much cheaper than your typical cell phone insurance.
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    I know that asurion will only replace it with a phone that tmobile sells. so good luck with that.
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    I would hope she solved her problem by was a month ago

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