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    I'd like to be able to search within Contacts. For instance by zip code or street name.

    I'm in outside, in-home sales and sometimes when in a neighborhood I know I've talked with a neighbor before. However, unless I remember their last name I'm SOL......

    I just started using TreoMemo and it will search for any word, anywhere in the database. Why don't we have this for Contacts? (or do we?)

    Thanks, Tim
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    look for takephone.
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    Wouldn't OPTION - FIND/SHIFT do what you want?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Wouldn't OPTION - FIND/SHIFT do what you want?
    I agree, I use it alot, If you are wanting to search your contacts, just hit option+shift, type in what you are searching for, then ususally when the first page pops up, if you hit the "find more" button, the very next page will list all the matches from your address book. I search using zip codes this way quite a bit.

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