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    Like many VC members, I love Bejeweled -- it's a fun and addictive way to waste loads of time. However, since discovering the Internet high score feature (page at, I have been convinced that some people must be cheating -- just look at the discontinuities: on the easy level, the 50th through 5th place scores are around 30,000-55,000 while the top two scores are 146,000 and 320,000! The timed level is even more obvious, as 50th through 5th place are between 13,500 and 20,000 while the top four scores go from 100,000 to 300,000!

    It puzzled me and annoyed me a bit, but I couldn't really figure out how people were cheating so badly. However, the other day, I was *finally* having a good game on easy level -- over 30,000 (I got 12,000 the first day I played Bejeweled, and haven't gotten above 7,000 since) and I got to thinking, 'wow it will really be a shame for this to end...wish I could save the game'. That's when it occured to me -- you can save the game. Whenever you 'quit' the application in the middle of the game, the current game information is saved somewhere so you can continue where you left off when you return to the game. So a full backup via BackupBuddy or the Backup Module will also save this information. If you are willing to go to the trouble (which apparently about 8 people are), you can periodically backup your handheld when you are having a good game, so when you get the dreaded 'no more moves!', you don't have to start all over at zero. For the truly fanatic, you could even use a second palm (maybe an old model that you didn't bother selling on eBay) to play your games, since backup/restore would be much faster if you don't have anything else on the device. This cheat should also work with pretty much any Palm game, since the app can't know whether the device (and apps, dbs, prefs) has been restored from a backup or not (and even if it could, you wouldn't want it to, since the restore could be 'legitimate' -- i.e. hard reset crash)

    Realizing this hasn't made playing Bejeweled any less fun, but it has taken away some of my interest in getting onto the top 10 list.
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    Ahhhh, makes sense. I have played my arse off and the best I have scored in a timed game is 8800.

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