I am setting up the workgroup monitor on my PC.

I sertup myself just fine. I used a Windows Login of EDHPDESKTOP\HP_OWNER, my domain\username name as identidied by perusing about the PROPERTIES on MY COMPUTER.

I am now trying to setup a second user.

I am having trouble figuring out what the WORKGROUP MONITOR wants for the Windows Login field. (domain\username)

Is the domain part the computer name as ideintified on my computer (which I find by checking the PROPERTIES under MY COMPUTER on their computer)?

And is the username what they use to login it to their computer with?

This is what I trym and it obvousily doesn't work

I wonder what the WORKGROUP MONITOR does with this information. And how it then syncs the mailbox not located on the machine that WORKGROUP MONITOR is running on (mine).

I have searched and searched and not found any help.

Any help out there would be greatly apreciated.

Thank you.

-- Ed