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    From what I can tell this is still dead.

    Anyone able to use Apple's .Mac webmail?

    Because of the fact that it used to work well and then shortly after the iPhone announcement it stopped--the formerly selectable text snippet of an individual mail which would open the whole text when tapped became unselectable--the cynic in me tells me Steve and friends have crippled it on purpose.

    Anyone know if it works on any other "smartphone" be it a wm device or Blackberry?

    It really is incredibly frustrating!! To being able to see the first few words of a piece of mail but not be able to open it...

    And, no, I don't want to use a mail client--I like only using webmail.

    Be well and mail well, all.

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    Meuh... Being a hard core mac users I use gmail... Why pay for a .mac account its worthless...

    Check your settings on .mac then call tech support for .mac they should help you out.
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    Use the old version of webmail it will work for you.

    Bookmark this link:
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    why not just use Versamail or Chatter to check your .mac account?
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    he said, for some unfathomed reason, that he preferred access via web browser

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