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    Has anyone has used the Palm spare battery charger with Malleable Device's kwikSynCh (a Y-cable dual charger for PDA and headset/battery charger/etc)? Having given up on retractable cables (one too many tangles), and now moving up to the Treo 680 with its replaceable battery, it would be great for the travel kit if one could charge the PDA and extra battery together.

    My concern is that the electrical specs will clash. Palm, of course, says not to use their battery charger with anything but the Palm charge cable (the one that comes with the 680). I've ordered the kwikSynCh, and when it arrives I'll do a multimeter check on the voltage coming off the Palm charge cable vs. the kwikSynCh cable, but that won't tell me about maximum amperage drawn or impedence (if that matters here). And lithium batteries do nasty things when mistreated, as we know.
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    Just a follow up (and apology if y'all know all this stuff)...

    It turns out that the Palm spare battery charger unit expects 5V and 1 amp, which is just what is supplied by the standard Palm 680 wall charger (and probably others), and by most desktop USB ports. Some desktop USB ports, many laptop USB ports, and some powered USB hubs only provide 0.5 amp, which makes for a longer recharge.

    The kwikSynCh is basically just a Y-cable, and is used with a 5 V/1 amp wall charge unit to plug it into, so attaching a Treo and battery charger to each arm means they each receive the equivalent of being hooked up to a 0.5 amp USB port: slower, but not bad. If you plug the kwikSynCh into a 0.5 amp USB port (on a laptop, for instance), though, it ain't going to charge two devices simultaneously in any reasonable time.

    So yes, you can use the kwikSynCh with a Palm battery charger and a Treo safely, but it will take longer to charge than if you use separate wall plugs for each. Probably a decent trade off for a travel kit, which is my intention.

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